About Us

Payneham Road Uniting Church is committed to faithful obedience as followers of Jesus Christ; drawing others to Christ by loving and serving each other and the community in sensitive and practical ways.

  •  We are a welcoming community; sincerely welcoming all people into friendship
    •    We are culturally diverse community:
    – places of birth include: South Korea, Indonesia, China, Iran, Sudan, Tonga, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, India
  •  We are an age diverse community; this is reflected in the variety of groups meeting the needs of various ages and stages of life
  •  We are a gathered community on a Sunday morning of between 70 and 80 people including children who attend Sunday School
  •  Most of the people who associate with our congregation attend church at least once a month.
  •  Fact: if everyone who regularly attends worship came on the same day there would be an attendance of over 130 people.

The Payneham Road Church Council has defined Committees to achieve its Goals for 2013:
•    Church Council (11 members)
•    Financial Task Group (5 members)
•    Property Committee (7 members)
•    Outreach Committee (5 members)
•    Unity in Diversity Task Group (5 members)

Church Council meetings are held on the 4th Monday evening in each month beginning at 6.30 pm, except when it falls on public holiday, then it is on the 3rd Monday.