Children and Youth

Families in Church

Church is a place for everyone; it is a place to learn how to live in a community—a task that is useful for all of us to learn. It is a place of forgiveness, love, care and support—as God loves us so we love one another.  Children are a welcomed and an integral part of the Payneham Road Uniting Church Community.

Sunday School  (in recess at the moment)

School age children are encouraged to take part in the Church service just as they would in any other social event.  As parents, you know your child best and we would seek to support you in sharing this special time.

On the 2nd and 4th Sundays each month, excluding School holidays, children may attend Sunday School during the 10 am Worship service.  Children stay in Church until after the Bible reading; they then retreat to the Sunday School room off the hall for about 15-20 minutes before returning for the end of the service.

More pictures of Sunday School (July 23rd 2017)

Infants and Toddlers in Church

When you enter the Church, make your way to under the stairs (just in-front of the door – there you will find comfortable seating for yourselves as well as a safe place for your children to move around, play and feed.

There are two tubs of play equipment; one for babies and one for toddlers.  Encourage your children to play with these toys rather than bringing toys from home.  Also, encourage the sharing of toys between yours and other children using the space.

Please do:

Bring a small snack and bottle of water

Encourage your children to take part in singing, children’s time and praying

Use the door near your seats to exit the church to use toilets, change table, etc. These are situated on the far side of hall in the disabled toilet.

Stay for morning tea so we all get to know one another.

Let someone know if there is anything you need to make the space or your visit more comfortable